Wednesday, July 29, 2009

DJ Z's First Blog Radio Thingy!!!!!!! a.k.a. THIS IS NOT HIPHOP

I'm back as promised, with my first Blog Radio Podcast, or whatever you prefer to call it. Recording this mix was a bag of "mixed" emotions for me. It's been years since I listened to many of the songs in this mix, so there was plenty of excitement, nostalgia, enjoyment and jubilee involved with the recording process. On the other hand, I use Serato for all my DJing purposes these days, and during the recording it began to crap out on me (for the first time ever), so there was plenty of stress, anger, frustration, terror and fear involved as well. But after everything was said and done, and the final mix was edited, I think it came out well, and it will be quite enjoyable for you. So here it is;

Track Listing is as Follows;
1. Sunny Day Real Estate - 47 / 2. The Fire Theft - Chain / 3. Brad - Buttercup / 4. Satchel - Suffering /5. Team Sleep - Ataraxia /6. Deftones - Can't Even Breathe /7. Rival Schools - Used For Glue / 8. Quicksand - Thorn In My Side /9. Handsome - Left Of Heaven /10. Mineral - July /11. The Gloria Record - Grace The Snow Is Here /12. Built To Spill - Carry the Zero /13. Butterfly Train - Paper Thin /14. Texas Is The Reason - Back And To The Left /15. New End Originals - 14 to 41 /16. Far - All Go Down


  1. Nice Z! I ecspecially enjoyed your selections in the last 25 minutes or so. It would be cool if you would interject the band names in there every so often... I burned your podcast to listen to in the car, and I lost count of songs about half way through. Ha!... But the last half really rocked it.

  2. Feeling it Z! Definitely. Just started getting onto the Texas is the Reason tip myself as well as Far's very first album from 91 "Listening Game" which includes All Go Down. Crazy to look back & realize they're both on here. You're good man.